The Young and the Widowed is a support group for young widows and widowers from all walks of life.  Our focus is on building new friendships with other widows/widowers in a relaxed environment.  We have all lost our partners, and often feel left out of the activities we used to enjoy.  Among our married friends we feel like the fifth wheel, but we are also not quite ready to act single either.  Our group strives to support members through their grieving process, while also having fun together.  Our meetings might include an Astros or Texans game, a concert, or just a fun night out.  We provide the opportunity to interact with others who have lost a spouse, a chance to take a break from the grief, and to make new friends who have been there.  We encourage each other, listen when a member needs to talk, and go out and have fun together.  The Young and the Widowed is a place where you can let it all out and know you will be understood.  Instead of another look of sympathy or a cliched response, you might hear an excited voice respond, “me too!”  You are not alone.  There are a lot of us out there, and we are all looking for like minded friends too.  None of us chose this path for our lives, but now that we are here we can support each other as we grieve and as we move forward.  Welcome to our site.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, but especially if you need support or just want to talk.  Check out our upcoming events to find one that interests you.